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A New Way To Learn And Paint

Build Your Creative Confidence
While Having Fun

This experience is meant to build your confidence with creativity, while also having fun in the process. With Garibaldi's experience as an interactive performance painter, he has included these same techniques and principles to make this an unforgettable moment for you, your family, and friends.

What Is The Experience Like?

A little bit about the experience

We've taken the extra steps to elevate your virtual one of a kind experience.

3+ camera angles to show detailed techniques
Guided progression bar to show how far along you are
Interactive chat for real time questions and answers
High quality audio with your mic'd instructor and guided music
On screen graphics and guides
A detailed materials list to easily order or shop

A New Way To Paint

Meet Past

How To Prepare


Once your session is purchased, check your email for your zoom link.

You will also need to purchase the following supplies which should be at or under $50 USD from Amazon or a local art store. The Amazon list below should be enough supplies for 2 people.

Feel free to email us for further support


Your canvas can range from as small as 11" x 14" to as big as 16" x 20"

Acrylic Paint

We recommend starting with the most basic colors of red, green, blue, yellow, white, and black. However, the more pre mixed colors you have, it will give you more options to paint with.

Various Brushes

Brushes can range in size from fine tip to broad and wide. We recommend getting a pack of various sizes to start.

Palette Paper

You can use palette paper, or anything around the house that you can use as a surface to mix your paints on. We recommend something around an 8" x 11" size sheet, board, or plastic. Make sure you are ok with getting paint on this item.

Additional Household Items:

Your Instructor

David Garibaldi

Well known for his performance pop portraits, Garibaldi has been a leader in performance painting for the past 20+ years. From tours and collaborations with some of the biggest brands and stars in the world, Garibaldi continues to push the boundaries of bringing art to the masses, and always creating an entertaining experience along the way.

Since 2020, hundreds of families from around the globe have joined Garibaldi for his "Paint With" classes. These classes have allowed Garibaldi to grow as an instructor all while brining his experience of performance into teaching. Garibaldi continues to tour and perform over 100+ live shows around the world, and this is surely a unique experience to learn from the best.







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